What are Flow and Flow Arts

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What are Flow and Flow Arts

"Flow" or being in a "Flow State" can best be described as the moment when your mind and body are working in complete unison on the task at hand. You could call this being "In the Zone" or "Full Immersion". The point of flow is to LOSE yourself in whatever activity you are doing. 

There has been a lot of research into the benefits of flow and some have found that it can increase levels productivity, reduce stress, increase problem-solving, and much more. We leave those claims to the scientists and researchers and use Flow to have fun and unwind. 

In our case, Flow typically refers to "Flow Arts" which are performance activities usually involving an object or prop. Popular props are Poi, Hula hoops, Orbits, Glow Strings, LED Gloves, Rope Dart, Monkey Knuckles, and more. 

When performing a Flow Art its important to know and remember there is no right way to flow and for the most part it should be about having FUN and RELEASE! using your prop you can learn and practice a variety of moves and string them together into some type of performance. 

Now, this performance can be by yourself, or with a group, caught and shared on video, or even in part of a tournament or competition. Flow Arts are growing in number and diversity every day, and the communities both in-person and online are great places to meet and learn from like minded individuals