Colored Nano-stix (One Stick)

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Colored NanoStix!

Our Classic Nano-Stix now come in lively and vibrant colors! A great option to make it easier to see the glow sticks during the day. You get all the same benefits as the classic NANO-STIX. Durable, flexible, chemical free 3D-printed TPU glow sticks. The casing fits two programmable Nano-sized LED glove chips. This gives users the freedom to customize two sets of trails. Each glows tick is perfectly balanced in the middle keeping free handers in mind.


Note: The color selected will impact the color and brightness of the LEDs. The darker the color of the case the more light that is blended from the LEDs and case

  • Weight: 30 grams each
  • Length: 140mm
  • Diameter: 15mm

Compatible Chips:

  • Futuristic Lights: Atoms & Ions
  • LED Gloves: Ubers / Aurora Nano / Simplex Nano
  • LED Gloves: Nano 1 Modes

Printed from Strong yet flexible TPU Rubberized material