Pumpkin-6 nano Halloween Edition

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Its SPOOPY season which just so happens to be one of our FAVORITE times of year! So we decided to celebrate and get into the Spirit of Halloween by dressing up a CLOUD-6 and turning it into the PUMPKIN-6! Now your nano chips sit behind 6 Jack-O-Lanterns enclosed by the case for thick and Spooky trails that are sure to HAUNT your viewers while you Melt Their FACE!

This Special Edition orbit is only available during the month of October and then will not be sold any longer.

It is only available in the shown colors. 

Compatible Chips:

  • Emazing Light Chroma EVO's & Spectra EVO's
  • Futuristic Lights: Atoms & Ions
  • LED Gloves: Ubers / Aurora Nano / Simple